Naizoshoku Gaizoshoku

Cellular Growth Simulations

Orproject in collaboration with ATLV has completed the installations Naizoshoku and Gaizoshoku for the offices of IT company Baishan in Beijing. Inspired by the complex algorithms which the client’s company develops, the installations are based on algorithmic simulations of cellular growth processes as they occur in nature. Similar to the growth of organisms which is based on cell division and cell differentiation, the installations have been computationally “grown” out of a small set of initial cells. Those initial cells start to divide and multiply. Larger cellular accumulations are formed according to intercellular behaviors and external forces which are acting on the system and which guide the geometry towards its final shape.

Naizoshoku, the installation in the café are of the office, follows an internal proliferation of the cells which causes the installation to bulge out and develop into an intricately glowing ceiling structure.

Gaizoshoku, the installation in the lobby, is developed via a marginal cell division along its edges. It grows out of the reception desk towards the ceiling where it proliferates outwards to cover the lobby area.

Project Credits

Architects: Orproject & ATLV
Client: Baishan Cloud
Interior LDI: Pinshang Design
Project Architects: Christoph Klemmt, Rajat Sodhi, Satoru Sugihara
Project Manager: Shuai Yang
Project Team: Sambit Samant
Photography: Jiao Yang, Orproject