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Hotel G

A composition for orchestra manifests as a spatial surface within the ceramic cladding panels, forming the new façade for Hotel G, a boutique hotel in Beijing.

The existing building requires a refurbishment of the deteriorated upper parts of the exterior, and Orproject’s proposal envisages the installation of a new cladding in front of the existing walls. The complex morphologies of the ceramic panels are to be manufactured using a simple, semi-manual form of multi-point forming: The heights of a field of pistons are positioned according to 3d data from the digital model. Then the clay for each panel is draped over the field to form the surface. Adjustments by hand are necessary before the shape is left to dry and fired.

The geometries of the façade have been derived from a digital analysis of Ligeti’s composition. Ligeti’s Atmosphères uses large clusters and sound textures which slowly merge from one into the next, resulting in an atmospheric field of sound. In its translation into space, the time dimension has been placed vertically, moving towards the sky. Therefore the slow musical transformations are resulting in a vertical orientation of the façade morphologies, which is useful in Beijing’s climate in order to avoid shallow inclinations of the facade.

The complex clusters are turning into a continuously altering surface geometry, and Ligeti’s use of micropolyphony is resulting in a micro shifting of the façade formations.